“40 Years ago master chef Norbert Woll had a dream, a dream to perfect the frying pan.
WOLL professional cast products are now a by-word for first-class quality, long-lasting non-stick coatings, tasteful design and the best possible cooking results.
A large number of patents and innovations on features, as the WOLL detachable handles, the high-tech production methods and specialised handcraft, make WOLL products unique in terms of quality, reliability, design and functionality.
The brand is excellently placed on national and international markets, leaving the company well positioned to secure steady sales growth for the WOLL brand. WOLL’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to foodies everywhere by producing extraordinary cookware in the pursuit of perfecting the art of cooking.”

Represented since 2016

Country: Germany

Web site: www.woll-cookware.com/

Products :

  • Frying pans, pots and casseroles