“The Ronneby area in south east Sweden has a rich tradition of producing cast iron cookware. This tradition is still vivid, and is carried on by Ronneby Bruk and our production of thin wall cast iron products. The product mix consists of traditionally sand moulded cast iron as well as the more recent lightweight cast iron cookware.
In our efforts to reduce the impact on nature we only use environmentally certified rapeseed oil in the preseasoning process. We do not use any artificial coatings for our natural cast iron, and certainly not palm tree oil.
Ronneby Bruk creates possibilities for simple and natural cooking with genuine products in high quality. The black easy to handle surface on our cast iron cookware is the result of our unique preseasoning process with vegetable oil and high temperature. The beautiful traditional cast iron fits equally well for use in the traditional ”country kitchen” as for the elegantly laid table with ”silver and chrystal”. By constant use the cookware from Ronneby Bruk will improve and grow better and more beautiful by the years, and with a little loving care they will be of excellent use for many years and even for generations to come.”
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