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 Italian innovative manufacturer of protectors for door and window locks.  "Mechanical and eletronic devices to protect your doors, your windows, your home." Represented since 2009 Country [...]


One of the biggest Italian manufacturers offering a wide range of security products. "Since 1942 Viro has become all over the world synonymous with quality. Since 1983 [...]


Japanese manufacturer of the most popular bolt riveter in the Greek market, as well as of other industrial tools. "Lobster Tool Company is a tool manufacturing company, [...]


The choice of professionals for high quality blind rivets in the Greek market.  "SARIV is a company who has been present on the market since 1990, and yet [...]


A pioneer in the development of specialised tools for interior construction.  "Since 1937, the  company designs, manufactures and markets high performance products in more than 60 countries. [...]


World leader in the production of growers and washers. "Founded in 1958, the BENERI trademark has achieved an undisputed international leadership position in the sector over the [...]


The worldwide leader in the production of horseshoe nails has been working with us in the Greek market for almost 100 years. "Mustad has produced horseshoe nails since 1898, [...]


Very popular in Greece manufacturer of all kinds of drills. "The tools RISS produces benefit from the 100 years of experience aquired over three generations. The production [...]


Slovak manufacturer of steel and aluminium ladders, based on the European specifications.  "ELKOP is one of the biggest private companies in Slovakia, producing ladders over more than [...]


Czech manufacturer of traditional products such as kerosene lamps etc. Represented since 1983 Country: Czech Republic Website: www.mars-svratka.cz Products: Dustbins Dust shovels Food containers Kerosene lamps Letter boxes Steel [...]


Specialised Spanish manufacturer of industrial washers. "The SOCIEDAD ANONIMA SINARD company was established in 1949. Today, after more than 50 years and established as one of the [...]


Specialised Italian manufacturer of hardware for the Cruise Line Industry. "SCHIAVETTI ENZO s.a.s. was established in 1870, specializing in the manufacturing of hardware products used in [...]


A long presence in the Greek market with steel strips. "PATURLE ACIERS offers an extensive range of grades, according to the EN 10132 standard as well as [...]


Italian manufacturer of high quality growers and washers. "Founded in 1950, Growermetal is one of the world's leading manufacturers of security washers, railway washers, and special washers. [...]


Specialised French manufacturer of machine fitting and assembly elements. "We make machine fitting and assembly elements including pins, screws, keys, collars, T nuts and mild steel machined [...]


"FILTOMATIC FASTENERS is a well-known firm, specialized in AISI 304 and AISI 315 STAINLESS STEEL washers manufacturing. It offerrs an extremely qualified "product", for years made available [...]


Specialised Italian manufacturer of split pins. "DELL'ERA company was founded in 1850. A founding philosophy of balancing good quality with reasonable prices, together with foresight and hard [...]

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