German manufacturer of high quality putty products for car body repair.

The Chamäleon label was introduced in 1965 in Schwerte for the first time. The expansion into international markets and the extension of the assortment were our focus in 2002 after it had been decided to enlarge the portfolio around the putty products.

Chamäleon GmbH managed to realize the goals set back then successfully and to establish internationally with their wide assortment of car refinishing products. The strategic recipe for success is to offer an ideal price-performance ratio and high quality products. This has made the yellow-black brand from Heidelberg one of the market leaders in many countries today.

As a German company it is our first priority for us to fulfil the quality demand „Made in Germany” and to apply this demand not only to our products, but also on our service. Thereby it is important that every product under the Chamäleon label is of highest quality. In order to ensure that our customers can always rely on our quality promises, all our products are constantly controlled by us.

The aim is not just to maintain our quality, but also to realize trends on the market, respectively to create them and to develop products under consideration of the wishes and demands of our customers.

Repesented since 2012 

Country: Germany



  • High quality putty products for car body repair (putties, primers, clear coats, thinners and degreasers, anti-gravels/ special coatings, sealants etc.