It was September of 1887, when Felix H. Fornaro, a Swiss citizen, left his home in Rapperswil, St Gallen and came to Greece to establish a representations office, based in Athens.

130 years later, a lot has changed in our world, in our markets and our business.

Notwithstanding the changes, our firm, led by the fifth generation, has remained committed to its original mission and continues so as strongly as ever: to make available in the Greek market excellent quality products at affordable prices from anywhere around the world, to not let distance or borders affect the variety of choice professionals and consumers have in Greece.

Today, in 2017, we celebrate 130 years of history with great pride and a deep feeling of gratitude. Pride for the continuity of our business, the commercial successes we have had over the years, the heritage we have created and which we are building upon. Gratitude for the support we received all these years from our partners: the global manufacturers and the local distributors that we have been working together throughout our history.

This anniversary is, most of all, an opportunity for us to give our thanks to each and everyone who has worked with us all these years.

With great honor to have been your partner and for continuing so, THANK YOU!